Dynamo were eliminated from the Europa League. How could this happen !?

Amazing business. Two Lokomotiv are playing at the same time, I want to watch both matches, but in both cases we are not talking about Russian Lokomotiv.

The match of Bulgarian Lokomotiv against Tottenham began an hour earlier and reminded us for the thousandth time that anything can happen in football. The Mourinho team was losing until the 80th minute, but two send-offs helped. The British went further with great difficulty.

Dynamo met with Georgian Lokomotiv. The trend continued. A lot of bets were made on this event. Live betting, like on the Parimatch website: https://parimatch.co.tz/sw/football/live, was also very popular with this event. The nominal favorite pressed on from the first minutes, but this did not translate into goals. The most active in this regard was Komlichenko , who hit three times from a lethal position in the arc of the penalty area. Three strikes of the forward in the first half:

• On the 14th minute after the blow Komlichenko the ball hit the post.
• At the 34th minute Komlichenko struck hard from the free-kick, but the goalkeeper beat it off.
• On the 37th minute, another blow from Komlichenko – the ball flew close to the post.

At the same time, the hosts also had chances, who passed through the left flank of Dynamo’s defense. Dmitry Skopintsev from the 22nd minute hung on the yellow one. As a result, the head coach of Dynamo Novikov replaced him in the second half with Morozov . Only the problem has not gone anywhere. Lokomotiv scored using the zone on the left flank of Dynamo’s defense.

Lokomotiv’s goal was perceived emotionally. The camera showed a close-up of Mamardashvili , who shouted like the last time. But this was not the last time. In 20 minutes the hosts scored the second goal – in fact, this meant the end of the Euroseason for Dynamo. The guests could have missed some more. At the 57th minute, Ivan Ordets played some kind of nightmare, who went into a dodge, being in fact the last defender.

Before the match, the Dynamo coach said that he had not seen such a bad lawn for a long time. This may have had its effect to some extent, but Ordets ‘s desire to go dribbling doesn’t justify it.

I must admit that Dynamo also had chances in the second half. For example, in the 85th minute, the Lokomotiv goalkeeper transferred the kick from Ordets to the crossbar of his goal. After such a performance, the 19-year-old Lokomotiv goalkeeper Mamardashvili may well qualify for a transfer to the RPL. And in the 90th minute Komlichenko still scored from the penalty spot, which was earned by Lesovoy . But it was already too late.

Dynamo flew out of the European competition from the very first opponent. Just like the Tula Arsenal a year ago, which lost to the Baku Neftchi. An extremely offensive defeat, which will be remembered for a long time, both by Dynamo in general and specifically by Kirill Novikov .

After the match, many people ran out onto the field. Whether spectators, or club / stadium staff. One of them was holding a Georgian flag. Obviously, this victory meant a lot for Lokomotiv, and indeed for the whole country. Just for reference: Dynamo Moscow was eliminated from a team that has no players more than 300 thousand euros, and the total cost of the entire squad is less than four million euros.