When the score is out of play

Yes, it is most offensive when the score is not according to the game. When your team creates three times more chances than the opposing team, but in the end everything is decided by one single goal. Into your gate. Semi-random, illogical, but still a goal. Approximately such thoughts swarmed in my head after the final whistle of Judge Turbin. And as it turned out later, not only in mine. However, first things first.
For three rounds of the Russian Championship, Lokomotiv did not score a single goal. Such a toothlessness in the attacking line of railway workers is all the more surprising because they include Farfan, the Miranchuk brothers, Eder, Fernandes, and in the end Smolov, who came from Krasnodar. As they say, there is someone to create and score. However, the ball did not go into the gates of the Muscovites rivals, did not go. So Loko came to Samara quite angry and motivated. On the other hand, for Krylia, Nadson’s injury was akin to a SOS signal, because there were just one, two defenders in the team. So Tikhonov was forced to release the newly acquired Samardzhich in the starting lineup. The risk, of course, was, but it must be admitted that the Slovene did not spoil the mass. No wonder Miral is constantly called up to the national team. Looking far ahead, I note that at the post-match press conference, Andrei Tikhonov announced the imminent signing of a defensive midfielder, who “… will undoubtedly strengthen the team and one less headache …”

Yes, and so, from the very beginning of the match the railwaymen rushed to the attack. Time after time Ignatiev, Farfan, Smolov tried to attack sharply, but each time these outbreaks were successfully extinguished by the defenders of Wings. Towards the middle of the first half, our guys realized that the devil was not so terrible as he was painted, after which they themselves began to create a nervous atmosphere at the gate of Guilherme. The combination of two “Chs” worked perfectly – Chicherin and Chochiev diversified attacks as desired. And at the 32nd minute something happened that Pavel Yakovlev will remember with bewilderment and bitterness for a long time. Chicherin fired a cross from the right flank along the Lokomotiv goal and how Pavel did not bring the ball into the empty net, no one, including himself, will understand until now. And then the old football rule worked – if you don’t score, then they will score for you. After Fernandes’ serve, Farfan kissed the ball heartily, Konyukhov beat off this most difficult blow, and, alas, neither Evgeny nor his teammates had time to finish off. But another newcomer to the railway workers Grzegorz Krychowiak managed to come running and kick in the right direction. An illogical, incomprehensible goal, it seemed, only started the Volzhan. Zotov, Sobolev, Chochiev and Yakovlev tried to hit the gates of Lokomotiv four times in three minutes, but either Guilherme’s brilliant game or lack of luck prevented him from lighting a one instead of zero in the “Krylia Sovetov’s goals scored” column.

The second half was wholly and completely passed under the dictation of “Wings” – the tribune did not leave the feeling that Yuri Semin during the break gave the instruction to play on the retreat and hold the score. And I must say that in this component Muscovites not only succeeded, but also went too far. Ignatiev first drove a straight leg into Lanin’s thigh, and five minutes later he fell too picturesquely in a confrontation with Polyyakhtov.

However, this could not even be called a confrontation: Vladimir had already removed his hands, and bent himself, just not to hurt Ignatiev, but he still fell into the penalty area. But instead of a whistle about the appointment of a penalty, Vladislav saw in front of him for five seconds first a yellow and then a red card. A well-deserved sending off, which has not been challenged by any Lokomotiv player. Nevertheless, Pavel Yakovlev was shown a yellow card for talking with a side referee. The case when emotions are overwhelmed and difficult to restrain? And Lokomotiv, meanwhile, continued to go into deep defense and play on the retreat: instead of the attackers Farfan, Smolov and Miranchuk, defenders Hövedes, Barinov and Lopez came out. The victory was too expensive for Semin’s wards. And this victory might not have happened if not for the super saves from Marinato Guilherme. At the beginning of the second half, he pulled out Sobolev’s kick from three meters, and on 94 minutes, Sergei Kornilenko beat from two meters, it seemed, for sure, and one gentleman knows how Guilherma’s instinct turned this kick into a corner kick. … The first victory of Lokomotiv in this championship, the first goal scored and the first applause from the stands towards Krylia Sovetov after a lost match. Because I was not ashamed of the game, this is not a match with Orenburg!

At the post-match press conference, Yuri Semin looked like a donor who donated more blood than is possible. It was not for nothing that Palych bluntly said that he and the team were very lucky to take three points from Samara. And having already finished talking to the press, Semin returned to the microphone and noticed that Samara-Arena reminded him of “the good old days, when families in Samara went to football and beat the stadium to capacity”. Thank you, Yuri Pavlovich, for your kind words. And do not expect that in the return match in Moscow, Krylia will be whipping boys – the match in Samara showed that the Volzhans have character, that they can fight. In a week, Tikhonov’s team will fly to Krasnoyarsk and prove that it is too early to write us off. However, “Enisey”, despite the defeat from “Rostov”, is also not going to play giveaway. All the more interesting. As they say, we’ll take a look!


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