What Samara Zhdun wanted to say to Putin

I decided to remake the poster of Vladimir Putin prepared for the press conference a few hours before it began. It seemed to me that it was necessary to make an intrigue. It is clear that the president will hardly be able to ask a question, but it is necessary to attract the attention of the press. In order to speak the question at least in the media. The original poster (which French correspondent Christian Hebel later called the panel) looked like this:


But I pasted over part of this hashtag. And it was a coup, as it turned out. Because all the journalists waiting for the start of the press conference in the lobby of the business center wondered what is hidden behind the sticker? And what does the Samara waiter want to ask Putin.

Some correspondents decided that I would ask about the situation with the Samara Arena stadium. There are many rumors about the readiness of the sports facility. An important topic, of course. But, firstly, blogger Dmitry Kotukov wanted to ask this question. To be honest, I was sure that they would give him the floor as a representative of the Kremlin pool (he carefully hides his attitude towards it, but the very fact that Dmitry was in the front row in the hall betrays him with giblets. The fact is that the first two row is always occupied by the Kremlin pool – this is the ultimate truth).

Дмитрий Котуков

Secondly, Samara sport does not end at the World Cup and football. The health of the nation is all about sections, physical education, affordable gyms and good trainers with a decent salary. Yes, we have federations that are accredited by the Ministry of Sports and receive money from the budget. But what kind of money is it? If “Wings of the Soviets” have received about 300 million rubles in the last six months alone, then only 90 thousand are given to the MMA federation a year. Yes, we all love Wings. Yes, one of the FIFA requirements for the host city of the World Cup is to have its own football team. Yes, “Wings” are great fellows, because they do charity work. But still – where is the worthy support for other sports? Why such a small salary for a coach working in a municipal sports institution? Why are many gyms in our country in such a terrible state that it is scary to bring children there? It might be worth paying attention to this rather than pouring endless cash flow into football. Which, by the way, is much easier to find sponsorship than the district taekwondo section. And yet, against the background of all this injustice, we have lost a very important link. Sports medicine. Which is killed in the bud and exists only on paper. This is what I wanted to ask.

And I am very glad that I managed to speak this in front of the cameras. And at the same time I said thank you to all those people who develop federations. Not only in our region.

A record 1640 journalists were accredited for the press conference

My poster aroused great interest in foreign media. For me, this was the first experience of communicating with correspondents from other countries. I would like to point out the different approach to interviewing that I have noticed. Foreign media are very corrosive. If Russian journalists (not counting the video blogger from Omsk) asked two or three formal questions, then, for example, Tilko Ulfert Griss from Deutschlandradio took my whole soul out of me. And besides the main question, I asked what was going on with the preparation for the World Cup. Like, I also heard about the missed deadlines for the Samara Arena.

By the way, the Match-TV journalist asked a question about the World Cup at the press conference. Vladimir Putin, in turn, made it clear that there is no reason for concern. There is a two-month lag in one of the sports facilities (it is clear that it was about “Samara Arena”), but everything is fixable there too.

In general, the sports block was very poorly represented at the press conference. In addition to the World Cup, the Olympic scandal was touched upon. Let me remind you what Putin said about this:

The scandal is escalating on the eve of the Russian domestic political calendar. Whoever says what, I know what it is. But we ourselves are to blame – we gave a reason. Because real cases of doping use have been identified. True, they were also used in other countries. But there is no such rush, politicized. There are other systemic things in sports. There are facts of the use of illegal drugs by other athletes on medical grounds. This is strange. It turns out that someone gets a competitive advantage. Maybe then it is worth performing out of competition? I don’t want to offend anyone. It is clear that all people work, they try, they deserve respect. But the competition must be respected.

In general, this time all questions were asked in thematic blocks – elections, housing and communal services, health care, sports. I suppose those who watched the broadcast noticed this. Even the opposition media went in bloc.

In any case, despite the fact that the question to Putin was not raised by sportssmi, I see only the advantages of being present at this event. Great attention to our resource, new acquaintances and our poster, which was lit up on all the central TV channels. I am sure this will play a good role in popularizing the young site sportssmi. And we, in turn, will continue to raise acute problematic issues of sports in the Samara region and talk about the success of athletes.

A small photo report from the press conference, see below:


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