“UEFA wants to test Dynamo on a polygraph. They do not believe that this is a football club “

On September 17, our football felt the next bottom. Dynamo flew out of the Europa League, not having time to start their campaign there. The Russian club was knocked out by the worst rating team of the tournament – Lokomotiv from Tbilisi. The sports community just exploded with indignation. Has Russian football reached the bottom, or is there still room to fall? Experts and social networks answer.

Dynamo was kicked out of the Europa League. How could this happen !?


Former Loko CEO Ilya Herkus called the incident a collective farm: “The Dynamo disaster did not happen unexpectedly. Eurocup one-round games are a slightly different sport. To win in it, you need to be extremely concentrated, mobilized, put the best on the field, have a game plan and push-push-push for all 95 minutes. There is no other way to win matches. In general, sadness. This is the first time we are losing to such a collective farm. But judging by the general tendencies in our football, it is now commonplace, you need to get used to it ”

Honorary Dynamo player Dmitry Guberniev calls on the players to look Dzerzhinsky in the eye. “I am an honorary Dynamo player, I have a certificate with, God forgive me, a picture of Dzerzhinsky. Life gets too good when I walk up and look Felix in the eye. And today the whole team needs to look Felix in the eye. ”

Georgia blamed Russia and refused to play in Moscow. When football = politics

And today Dynamo has a match in Tbilisi. The first for our club in Georgia in 23 years.

One of the most famous Dynamo fans, Lev Leshchenko, simply could not find words after what happened. “I feel nothing but shame. It’s not even a shame – a disgrace. Lokomotiv Tbilisi is like an amateur team: they have no budget, nothing. But even against their background, Dynamo looked even worse. ”

Sergey Kiryakov was tough and said that Kirill Novikov didn’t have enough eggs: “Shame? I would have come up with a harder word. Shame is the softest thing that comes to mind. With all due respect to Georgian football, this team is PFL level. You cannot play with such a mood, at such a pace, when the players do not really enter the fight, they lose simple balls. One person for me is stable minus one on the field. Dynamo has been playing with ten men for the last time. A footballer who simply walks across the field. It’s time to call a spade a spade. Enough to beat around the bush and blow off some specks of dust. Philip is just … He had to be changed in the middle of the first half, but for this you need to have eggs, because it was clearly evident that minus one player was playing. ”

But the State Duma deputy and former member of the RFU executive committee Igor Lebedev looks deeper: “Perhaps the clubs should raise the issue of Pryadkin’s resignation. The fish rots from the head, the head of the RFU has changed, but what has changed? Nothing. Football as it was the bottom, and remained. The root causes must be sought. Pryadkin number one leaves – Pryadkin number two will come. Preparation, attitude and limit will not change. As well as attendance. ”

Alexander Mostovoy is shocked: “I am stunned. I can not believe it. The team is coming out for the first time in many years, almost 60 million have been spent recently – and Tbilisi Lokomotiv … Many, I think, do not know that there is such a team. Everyone knows that there is Dynamo Tbilisi. Now many will be told about the result, but they will not understand – they will think that they have lost to Dynamo Tbilisi. I would like to see the statistics of Lokomotiv, who played there. This is a feat for them, they are heroes. And Dynamo is an outrage. No matter how they play, it’s a shock. ”


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