They don’t like strangers here: how kickboxing was “privatized” in Samara

Where did the god Hermes, the patron saint of athletes and other athletes, look? Who took your eyes off? Mine, for example, almost began to bleed when I saw what was happening at the Saturday Regional kickboxing competition at the Lokomotiv stadium. Tears of children, but not from defeat, but from the fact that they were allowed to compete, but then artificially removed from the fights. And not because of a serious reason – for example, injury. It is obvious that the organizers specially created conditions and removed the young athletes from the fights. But first things first.

First, a small introduction. There may be countless sports federations of any sport, but there is only one officially accredited from the Ministry of Sports. She, in fact, should popularize and develop her sport in the region, in this case, it’s about kickboxing. A federation should improve the level of skill of athletes, and if not help, then at least not interfere with similar federations doing the same.

But! Something strange is happening with the now accredited federation. For more than a year now, she has not only been helping, but in every possible way hinders a similar kickboxing federation, in particular, the Alpha club. We have already written an article about how children from “Alpha” did not get to the competition at the filing of the official federation. The article caused a wide response.

The Regional Ministry of Sports, we must give them their due, promptly reacted to the situation. And he sent a letter signed by Minister Dmitry Shlyakhtin to the accredited federation with a request not to hinder the Alpha club from participating in official regional competitions. And let them conduct their personal competitions within the framework of the federation as they want.

But words fell apart with deeds, as I could personally observe today. At Saturday’s competitions, children were crying, and their parents were furious from the arbitrariness of the head coach and other members of the kickboxing federation of the Samara region.

In kickboxing, as you know, there is no uniform form: each club has its own. Alpha, for example, has it red.

And purely “by chance”, during the draw, four out of five Alfa athletes got the “blue corner”. As the coaches and parents of the children said, before it was always necessary to have a helmet, gloves and other ammunition to match the color of the corner, and on Saturday, suddenly, the children were required to have a full color set. On this basis, athletes from the “Alpha” club were driven away from the tatami.

According to the same kickboxing rules, all pointfighting athletes must wear elbow pads, but only “Alpha” was in them. For some reason, the judges did not disqualify athletes from other clubs for the lack of such an important element of ammunition.

Pupils from other clubs loyal to the official federation fought in whatever they wanted. Up to the fact that some were in ordinary home shirts.

Another interesting point. The Ministry of Sports clearly expressed its position, which it brought to the attention of the President of the Kickboxing Federation of the Samara Region Alexander Krivozubov – “not to combine the holding of official competitions with unofficial events held by the federation. Not to interfere with the participation of athletes from various sports clubs in competitions, provided that they comply with the provisions of the regulation on the conduct of such competitions.

But not only do some school championships take place at regional competitions, children of 11 years old take part in them, although according to the rules, you can only fight from 13. I talked to these children – they are quite seriously sure that they are taking part in the regional competition, and this victory will count towards them. But this is not the case! This is a dummy. Medal of pride for parents. That, in principle, is also a lot, but why lie? Moreover, children.

When I left Lokomotiv, I was in a terrible mood. To be honest, this injustice touched me to the depths of my soul. Naturally, I recorded all the disgrace that was happening on audio and video. I am ready to submit materials to the Ministry of Sports for a detailed investigation.


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