Step to the left, step to the right … How the media do not get on the FIFA “shooting list”

The upcoming World Cup is an event that not only football fans anticipate.

First of all, journalists and photographers of all genders, stripes and nationalities rub their palms with impatience. How, after all, how many gorgeous shots can be made, how many interviews, and even indirect information leads cannot be counted at all! But, as you know, any grandiose spectacle is accompanied by so many pitfalls that without first feeling the “ford” you can break not only the legs, but also the neck. I recently attended a seminar at which FIFA representatives explained to media leaders how to get accredited correctly. What needs to be done in order to get it for as many matches in the regions as possible and what exactly cannot be done so that the commission that will consider your application does not limit you to accreditation only at the location of the publication. They explained everything subtly and in detail, but at the end of the audience there was a “surprise” that should be known in advance not only to editors and directors of the media, but primarily to journalists, department editors, and photographers.

As it turned out, you and your entire editorial staff can be stripped of your accreditation in the blink of an eye. The reason for this may be filming a video of the match with a camera, phone, and even a harmless selfie with Zabivaka. You may be expelled from the stadium for filming. And maybe even completely. A crowd of volunteers and people specially trained for this business will follow such things. Regarding the selfie, for which the FIFA symbols can become the background, the situation is very funny. Take pictures of yourself or others as much as you like and even post on social networks. Who of the media representatives does not have social networks now … But a photo is “harmless” only as long as it remains on your or someone else’s pages on Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram and what else we have there. But, as soon as you decide to publish a photo in your newspaper or portal, say, under the heading “a selection of funny selfies from the 2018 World Cup”, then that’s it. You and your publication are in. At best, you will be politely but insistently asked to remove illegal content. At worst, they will be deprived of accreditation, or even soldered a claim in accordance with the rules for protecting intellectual property. Everything that is on social networks is the personal of the person who posted it. As soon as it appears in the press, it ceases to be personal, and the management will have to deal with the copyright holder.

However, these are not all “surprises” for the hardworking press, which will work out its gypsy bread at the stadiums. Editorial staff from among those who are “two in one” – a correspondent and a photographer – will have to say goodbye to their versatility. The accredited journalist for the match can be either in the stands or in the media center. It is forbidden to wander back and forth. Wherever you go, sit there. The photographer has only one way from the area behind the gate or from the tribune – to the street. And no media centers where pre-match or post-match press conferences will take place. The presence will be allowed only to copyright holders, that is, those who gave the to FIFA paid for a photo or video. And this is a lot of money, unthinkable for peripheral publications. True, you can use the photos posted on the FIFA media channel completely free of charge.

And, finally, one more “surprise” awaits those who use radio microphones, cameras with Wi-Fi function, or like to use their smartphone as an access point. All of this becomes interference-generating frequency objects. And before you go to the stadium, take care of obtaining a temporary license for your equipment through the FIFA service. If approved, you will be given a sticker that you need to stick in a prominent place on the microphone or wherever else. Without a sticker, you simply won’t be allowed inside. And do not say later that you were not warned. Probably, this is already superfluous, but fans of filming from a height may not even dream of dragging a copter to the stadium. And in order not to be removed illegally “from the bushes” – jammers will work. It’s good, in general, to cheer, and to work. With the latter – how lucky.


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