Samara fan is not familiar with the rules of ethics

By the nature of my work, I often visit various events not only on sports topics: sports matches, competitions, business forums, briefings, and so on and so forth. I have already written about how Samara people love spectacles, but do not respect those who perform in front of them. Of course, this does not apply to absolutely everyone, but, as my observations have shown, the bulk of the audience is, in principle, not familiar with the elementary rules of etiquette and behavior. By the way, many fellow journalists agreed with me here.

I was inspired to write this column by emotions after the final basketball match of the Super League BC “Samara” – BC “Spartak-Primorye”, in which our team was defeated with a score of 63:83. It should be noted right away that Samara won the Super League medals for the first time in its modern history. And we can safely say that this is a victory for us. So what has been accumulating in me for a long time and boiling in the final of the final game? Let’s talk about everything in order.

Самарский баскетбол

Since January, I have unwittingly become a fan of our basketball team “Samara” and have attended all home matches except one. I went to the matches not because of work necessity, but more because of a personal need for those emotions that I experienced while watching the game. And even though I don’t quite understand the rules of the game, I have always seen the mood with which our guys come out onto the floor, and even then I approximately counted on one or another outcome of the game. And the steeper the opponent came to us, the brighter the emotions were, the more there was aggression and catchy moments. And considering that I was within walking distance of the bench with the players and coaches, I often heard a “man’s” conversation, in ordinary Russian without censorship. But this only added a certain flavor to what was happening on the floor.

And every time I felt some disappointment, watching how the spectators who came to the match begin to leave the stands 5 minutes before the end of the game. It doesn’t matter if the team loses or wins. In winter, I tried to substantiate this fact with a long queue to the wardrobe, that people are rushing home, etc. At the same time, I emphasize that head coach Igor Grachev in every interview thanked the fans for their support.

And now our team has broken through to the final of the Super League, where in the first two matches we are losing at home. And at the moment when the opponent was almost “laying the table” to celebrate the victory, we beat them away in Vladivostok. The score was equal – 2: 2.

Both teams, tired after the flights, met in the final match on May 16 at MTL Arena. The outcome of the meeting is known: BC Samara won silver. And then I burst out of resentment and anger towards our spectators, who began to leave the stands four minutes before the end of the game. I agree with the fact that the opponent beat us by 20 points, and we were a priori a loser. But do they really “root for” their own people? How can you walk away at the moment when players need support the most, when emotionally killed. While someone was running from the stands in an avalanche, I saw the depressed faces of our players. I personally heard the words of Igor Grachev, who supported the guys and said: “We play to the last!”.

Самарский баскетбол

The host asked not to leave and wait for the presentation of the cup and medals. But it seems that the audience simultaneously became deaf and scattered en masse like rats from a sinking ship. In my opinion, this is at least disrespect for your team, for the winning team and for those who are sitting next to them on the podium. Shame and shame! You can now imagine how people from Samara will be talked about in Vladivostok.

On the same day, basketball “experts” were found with negative reviews and attempts to justify their behavior by stuffiness in the hall, queuing in the parking lot, disappointment in the game.

“You shouldn’t be so attacking those who leave in advance. Each has its own reason, unknown to you, ”one of the fans commented. That’s how everyone thought about it, and in the end the majority left. By the way, this lady was also with a child. Here is an example of “standard behavior” for the younger generation.

There were also “experts” among those who got into the game by accident, but tried to compare the Super League with the Euroleague and the NBA, and even curse the coach.

“The first time I accidentally got to“ Samara Basketball ”. At my daughter’s school, teenagers play with great enthusiasm. I’m not even talking about skill. They jump out from under the ring four times to throw. Nobody dares to go into the paint and hammer. Pointlessly and slowly throw the ball until the end of the time to attack. The coach did not take a single time-out for the whole game to fix it all. Although, maybe this is not possible? Any Euroleague game on TV in comparison with this “basketball” is heaven and earth, not to mention the NBA. Not a single player of the two teams can put the ball on top of the ring, “the viewer writes.

But nobody looked at the root of the situation. Everyone forgot that during the last game our strong player injured his leg and had to sit on the bench. Our coach took time-outs, it is not clear only where the spectators were at that time and where they were looking. And what right does a person have to assess the work of a coach, being just an amateur – a spectator in basketball.

Why did everyone suddenly forget that for our basketball players for a long time this match is a big breakthrough, that training on a much smaller court, the players went out and won the whole season. But nevertheless, I would like to note that the real fans stayed until the very end and accompanied their team with applause.

Summing up the “sore”, I want to say that Samara residents do not know how to behave respectfully towards other spectators, organizers and participants of any event. All this is about basketball fans, as one of the striking examples of the lack of ethics among the Samara spectator. Although, this behavior of the viewer can be easily noticed not only in basketball, but also at other sports events. And not only sports. Why then go to them at all, if you can sit at home and watch what is happening through the TV screen …


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