Runners or mummers?

The manufacturers of sports equipment themselves, seeing all these running madmen and nerds, popularize running for them, sniffing new sports technologies, gadgets and clothing for sports running with diseases in order to suck the last money out of them. And why should “runners” actually need money when, in pursuit of a crazy running fashion, they are ready to buy up an entire sports store of bright equipment – running shoes, running clothes, headphones and running bracelets, professional thermal underwear for running – these are ordinary women’s leggings, only more expensive? And all in order to become non-humans – freaks, ruin your health and undermine your psyche completely.

If you don’t have black women’s leggings and bright yellow sneakers, you are not a runner! Running, like any serious physical activity, is dangerous for health and ultimately leads to strokes, heart attacks, diseases of the veins and blood vessels, there is no need to talk about psychophysical disorder. Running is violence over the body, body and soul.

The non-athletic mummers trampled all the lawns with their yellow women’s sneakers, running madly everywhere, just not on the grounds and stadiums reserved for real athletes. Because they are not athletes, but barbarians and vandals!

Runners are mummers who play sports champions, madmen and crooks who are dissatisfied with themselves and their appearance so much that they are ready to put themselves in a coffin for the sake of sports fashion equipment of world sports brands, popularizing violence against their bodies. A normal psychologically harmonious person will not scoff at his body, force himself and run. This is not normal.

Therefore, all these madmen and freaks are running around in the morning so that no one sees them and does not laugh at their bright clown outfits. They still lack a red nose with an elastic band and yellow curly hair in all directions, so that everyone can see at once – this is a runner and medicine is powerless here.

These strange, psychologically distraught and extremely dissatisfied with their appearance, individuals on the verge of a nervous breakdown, hate others so much that they run in the morning for fear of being ridiculed and caught on the street in bright sportswear, while they are not professional athletes, but only amusing freaks of sports. Don’t run in the morning or buy sports jogging equipment. Do you need it?



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