Putin’s press conference: about anything and at least about sports

Was Putin really real, not fake? How is the organization? How is your impression? These and other questions poured into me on social networks and on the phone after the annual press conference of Vladimir Putin.

Undoubtedly, the very fact that I was accredited to an annual large-scale event, which is awaiting not only journalists, but the whole country, delighted me. I did not hope that it would be possible to ask a question, but I really wanted to flash on TV screens with the name of our resource sportssmi (by the way, for the second year in a row we succeeded). And also, if possible, find out what questions were prepared by media representatives from the sports sector. In addition, I was insanely curious to see what the journalists were ready to be noticed by the president. Posters, masks, kokoshniks, national costumes and other paraphernalia do not necessarily reflect the essence of the issue. This is just an attempt to attract attention. Alas, the chances are minimal. More than 1,500 colorful posters merging into one gray-brown daub. I think that within an hour Vladimir Vladimirovich could not distinguish anything, but simply “pointed his finger at the sky.” However, the hope that it was your poster that “ON” would notice did not leave until the very end of the conference. I copied the inscription on my poster while standing in line in the main hall – ” Marry ..?” Although my question was about sports (more on that later). The chair-mate “created” the poster with a ballpoint pen already during the conference. And someone just yelled! Shouting at a conference is okay too. But everything is in moderation, as the “chief” put it, so that the event does not turn into an unauthorized meeting.

Despite the indefatigable zeal and desire of journalists to become visible, they asked questions, to put it mildly, “funny”. In my opinion, it is strange to ask about the pension reform, when Putin has already answered this question on all TV and media screens. Well, he won’t contradict himself.

Unfortunately, Putin’s annual conference has lost its former informational content. And the point is not how the president answered, but what he was asked about. It would be silly to expect awkward questions from the Kremlin’s media pool. And the lucky ones, whom Putin or Peskov drew attention to, did not ask anything significant, with the exception of some journalists. They touched upon the problems of equity holders, garbage disposal throughout the country, problems with gas, torture in the Federal Penitentiary Service, the development of light industry. But alas, the answers to these questions were rather vague.

About garbage

“The situation is complex, but the answer is simple – we have never done this. For decades, since Soviet times, we have simply dumped garbage into a pit. “

About equity holders

“It will never end if we don’t put things in order here and move on to civilized methods of housing construction … ..”

About the reform of the FSIN

“To say that now it would be possible to change everything is also wrong. They need to improve this system and the level of civilian control needs to be raised, and I fully agree with this. ”

Sports block was very poorly represented at the press conference.

Nikolai Yaremenko, editor of the newspaper “Soviet Sport”, asked about the fight against doping in Russia. “The use of illegal drugs in Russian sports was recorded, but not at the state level. Now it cannot be said that the Russian Federation has got rid of this infection by 100%, but the authorities intend to continue the struggle. I hope that the element of politicization in this area will be completely eliminated, ”the president replied.

The poster “Sports accessible for children” attracted Peskov’s attention. The journalist said that they have been trying for two years to open an indoor football field for the orphanage, but constantly face difficulties at the approval stages. Vladimir Putin promised to talk about support for this initiative with the regional authorities. In addition, before the conference, I had time to talk with the representative of the channel “Eurasia” Svetlana Vokhmyanina. She wanted to ask why bandy is not popularized at the federal level and why has it not become a brand in our country? It’s even interesting what he would answer … And what is the point in this question, I still don’t understand.

I was interested to ask and draw the president’s attention to legal support in the field of sports. According to the explanation of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, athletes who took part in open tournaments in other regions cannot receive ranks and titles. This is followed by a cascade of problems in all regions of the country. It is strange that no one knew about this document in most regions at any level (all-Russian federations, regional ministries of sports, etc.). I wanted the president to pay attention to this situation and take it under special control. Moreover, there is reason to believe that in this way the state decided to minimize the number of titled athletes. Since the title of Master of Sports and Honored Master of Sports, it is not only honor and respect, but also budget benefits, subsidies and pensions.


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