Premier League table: bottom still remains

In two weeks “Wings of the Soviets” will meet with Moscow “Spartak”. The game will take place away – in Moscow.

After Saturday’s match with the Grozny club “Akhmat”, the Samara club, which played the 14th game of the season, alas, could not escape from the unlucky 13th number, under which it has been in the standings for quite a long time. Matches – whether away or at home – are more like a swing. We won, lost, won and lost again … The change of head coach Andrei Tikhonov to Miodrag Bozovic from Montenegro did not lead to any cardinal changes. It seems that the Premier League did not fall into the basement, but it did not rise higher either.

Some of the hardened optimists hope that Krylia will be able to defeat Spartak in the upcoming game and cite as an example the fact that Muscovites lost to an outsider from Bashkiria – the Ufa club. The game ended with a score of 2: 0 not in favor of “Spartak”, but already in many media a version sounded that this match was of a contractual nature. True, later it was clarified that it was not the main, but the youth team of “Spartak”.

However, even if they lost without an agreement, then in Moscow, the “Sparta” are unlikely to allow themselves. Then the fans themselves will surely tear them apart. Thus, we can predict that with a 99% probability the Samara club will drop even lower in the ranking after November 25. Other predictions for soccer matches can be viewed on the website, where teams of professional analysts share their thoughts with readers.

You can say as much as you like that the Krylia coach is doing a bad job, that the players, tired of changing coaches, have relaxed, that the pitch is not the same and the lawn is not as green as it was in the first test matches this spring. But in fact, the Krylia Sovetov team began to play in a different way or something … Take at least Saturday’s match with Akhmat. In the first half, Grozny was not allowed to approach our goal even on a cannon shot, and there were more than enough chances to score, but all wasted. In the second half of the game, the “Akhmatovtsy”, apparently, having gathered themselves together and having figured out the opponent’s tactics, went on to counterattack and scored a goal in the 69th minute. The stands were silent. Fans from Grozny, they say, never made it to Samara, and representatives of the Chechen diaspora could not shout as loudly as fans of Krylia. Our fans shouted, but mostly something not entirely censorship and for some reason about Bashkirov.

A few minutes later, the score was leveled, but after a short period of time, the Chechens scored the second, winning goal. And the ex-player of “KS” Ivanov scored with the filing of the current player “KS” Anton. The latter then apologized for a long time. And in front of the audience, and in front of journalists, and in front of the fans. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

At the post-match press conference, Miodrag Bozovic did not say anything encouraging. And what to say if everyone saw everything themselves. Sometimes it seems to me that Bozovic says everything that he said before, changing only the dates, cities and names of clubs: “We played well, but made mistakes. We did our best, ”- if the match is lost. Or: “We hoped to win and we won,” if we won.

The conference of Akhmat’s coach Rashid Rakhimov looked like a bright contrast against this background. He went through all the game moments that benefited his players. Or, on the contrary, drew attention to those episodes that could be dubious from the point of view of judging. But somehow they didn’t. True, the coach of “Akhmat” did not express any strong indignation about this. They took the victory home anyway. Will the Wings take her away from Moscow? This is a very big question considering what was said above.

Ilya Krugovoy, photo by the author

крылья советов - ахмат 10 ноября


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