Mutko worried about “drunken Hans”?

Some news is especially embarrassing. For example, today I read on “Regnum” that the ex-head of the Ministry of Sports, and now the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko is going to revive the sobering-up centers. The topic certainly has room for discussion. Indeed, at one time, sobering-up stations “killed” with a very specific goal, which, however, has nothing to do with sports. Although the topic of the health of the nation as a whole has the most direct. Here and the occupancy of municipal hospital beds, and the duty of emergency doctors (already very busy) to mess with “all sorts of drunks” …

No, I do not think that a drunken person should be left to die in the snow, I am sure that professional narcologists should deal with them. But! A drunken rowdy should not be left in the same room, for example, with people from surgery. Yes, in general – with any sober people. Therefore, I agree with the idea of ​​reviving sobering-up centers. But I am jarred by the fact that Mr. Mutko does not bring the interests of his fellow citizens, whose taxes provide him not the worst salary, but the interests of foreigners. I quote verbatim from IA REGNUM: this measure is necessary to create “human conditions” for foreign fans during the World Cup.

That is, through the prism of the need to provide human conditions for foreigners during the 2018 World Cup, it is possible to reach the State Duma. And what about your fellow citizens? Suffer, tea is not bars?

Well, yes – you have to be patient. What will be done to us during the World Cup will remain with us, and will not leave with the guests to Europe, Africa, America … Okay. In fact, this is not the scariest moment. Surely there is some kind of legislative act that requires only such a formulation of the problem from Mr. Mutko.

I am more concerned about something else … And why does Vitaly Leontyevich not fight just as passionately, for example, for the revival of the Soviet system in sports? For medical examination of athletes? For full restoration of such a staff unit in medicine as a sports doctor? The state of Russian sports is less important than that – who, how and where will bring the drunken Hans to his senses in Russia? Or am I badly following Mutko’s activities, but he has actually solved all these questions?

Alternative opinion of Andrey Sedogin, deputy of the Leninsky inner-city district of Samara:

This is the right step towards people. The organizers of the World Cup create all conditions so that the guests of the tournament do not get into trouble and do not create problems for others. We had time for the matches and transport, felt the whole atmosphere of the holiday, Finally, we returned home safe and sound with the best memories of Russia. Even if at some point they did not calculate the strength and went over. Anyone can make a mistake – even a foreigner, even a Russian.

Without a sobering-up station, a person in such a situation will end up either in the police or in a non-specialized department of a hospital. There it will take a long time to come to their senses on their own, will miss everything that is possible and impossible. And it’s good if he can return at all without the help of the consulate of his country. What impressions will he have? What will he say about our hospitality? Will he return here with friends later?


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