MTL-Arena-2 as a fetish for ONF

Yesterday, the activists of the Samara ONF invited me to a rally in the MTL-Arena-2. I didn’t go, and there were a number of reasons for that.

Initially, it was clear that this is another round of PR around the long-suffering building, the construction of which was supported by the former Minister of Construction of the Samara Region during the times of Nikolai Merkushkin, and the current Minister of Sports of the Samara Region Dmitry Shlyakhtin.

It became known at the ONF conference, which was held in Samara in early February, that another piaction around the building that has not been functioning for almost 5 years is being prepared. State Duma deputy Anton Getta, who was present at the event, once again reminded Governor Dmitry Azarov, who was also there, about the fate of MTL-Arena-2. And he pointedly hinted that they would cut the ribbons, symbolizing the ribbon cut at the opening of the sports complex, and send it out to all those involved in this object. I think the governor was seriously frightened. After all, a piece of tape sent by mail or sent by courier is even worse than a black mark. It’s like getting a cookie from Victoria Nuland herself! ..

But seriously, all this mouse fuss around a sports facility with the participation of ONF resembles a pathetic clownery.

Let us remember with what pressure and insolence the representatives of the ONF, among whom was the current co-chairman Vadim Nuzhdin, made their first visit to MTL-Arena-2 in April of the year before last. Armed with the support of the Prosecutor’s Office and the journalists of the Terra TV company, the visitors nevertheless entered the building and captured a very deplorable picture there. The parking lot was flooded, and plaster was already falling off the walls. In general, complete despondency.

And then the story about the event mysteriously disappeared from the website of the TV company, as well as the video. I managed to save it and if anyone is interested, you can take a look here what happened inside the building 2 years ago.

Then Vadim Nuzhdin, to my question on Facebook “where is the video and where the plot disappeared”, reported that the site of “Terra” was apparently hacked by enemies. And they deleted everything. It made me laugh because I understood the reasons for deleting the video. And others understand.

And what followed? But nothing! For almost 2 years the ONF and others in general have taken water in their mouths. I have only one question for Nuzhdin: Vadim, what have you been doing all this time? Where are your threatening letters to prosecutors? Where are the statements addressed to the President of Russia? Where are the constant reminders to the governor that the issue must be resolved in one way or another? And why did you not even mention the name of Dmitry Shlyakhtin in vain in the report on the formidable act of intimidation with ribbons sent to me by mail? Maybe you now have a taboo on mentioning his name and involvement in the construction of certain objects, where the “necessary” structures were very good at laundering and earning money?

Our editorial staff, consisting of “one and a half people”, probably did more to somehow clarify the situation around “MTL-Arena-2”. We wrote requests and received answers to them. And we have versions about why the stir around this topic has just begun.

And the distribution of ribbons to those involved … Well, that’s your topic. Although, on the other hand, Nuland cookies will probably be worse than your ribbons.


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