How the controversial developer ate Planet Fitness

Some time ago, an article was published on our website that the fitness club “Planet Fitness” on Krasnoarmeyskaya is ceasing to exist.

In the official information, the club’s management assured that the club itself will continue its work in September, but not as an independent brand, but as part of the Botek-Wellness fitness club chain, co-founded by Igor Dubishkin. But, as informed sources say, Dubishkin opened the club not with his own money. He was financed in this case by the owner of the construction company LLC “Realt-Service” Sergei Boyartsev.

In the last company Boyartsev has a 69% share, another co-founder is a certain Andrey Belousov, but the third founder with a 12% share is Igor Dubishkin, co-owner of Botek-Wellness. The figure by the standards of business is rather small and does not own anything except Botek-Wellness LLC and Botek-fitness Togliatti LLC. Question: where did Dubishkin get the funds to buy Planet Fitness?

Then I did not have time to delve into in detail how Botek absorbed one of the oldest fitness clubs in Samara. But when I began to study the information in more detail, quite interesting facts came to light with a tinge of criminality and the names of ex-officials of the Samara administration. Even the name of the notorious ex-head of the Samara town planning department, Sergei Rubakov, who was detained last year and is now being held as a defendant in court, namely, as an intermediary in transferring a bribe, even came out. However, I digress a little.

It would seem, what does Boyartsev and Botek have to do with it? In fact, everything turned out to be quite simple. Sergei Boyartsev is a rather closed figure, but no less scandalous for this.

Let’s start with the fact that according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities Sergei Boyartsev is the founder of six companies. These are LLC “Personnel”, LLC “Troika-Development”, LLC “Bali”, LLC “Arbit-Stroy”, the already mentioned LLC “Realt-Service” and LLC “Health technologies”. Boyartsev has a 69% share in the latter company, another co-founder is a certain Andrey Belousov, but the third founder with a 12% share is Igor Dubishkin, co-owner of Botek-Wellness. The figure by the standards of business is rather small and does not own anything except Botek-Wellness LLC and Botek-fitness Togliatti LLC. Question: where did Dubishkin get the funds to buy Planet Fitness? It’s very simple, Sergey Boyartsev helped him in this matter. But the prospects for the development of clubs can turn out to be rather sour, if suddenly something happens to Boyartsev’s empire. And judging by the publication in the media, everything is moving towards that.

For the first time in the orbit of the scandal, Sergei Boyartsev found himself in 2012, when he first deprived his former partner Andrey Kiselev of his stake in Realt-Service LLC, and then completely imprisoned him, accusing him of stealing the company’s funds. Boyartsev himself made pitiful attempts to justify himself through the Chronograph newspaper, which posted an interview with him. You can familiarize yourself with it at the link.

And recently, another scandal broke out around Boyartsev, who runs the risk of going to the dock after Sergei Rubakov, whose verdict has not yet been passed.

In short, the essence of the story is as follows. LLC “Realt-Service” was building a residential complex within the boundaries of st. Kievskaya, Tukhachevsky and Karl Marx Avenue in the Zheleznodorozhny district of Samara.

Sergei Boyartsev and Andrei Kiselev were the co-owners of the society at that time. The latter, as the director of the company, was engaged in operational management and oversaw the construction, Boyartsev made finance his area of ​​responsibility.

The partners began to build the project on a land plot that is in municipal ownership… The Department of Urban Development (formerly the Department of Construction and Architecture) entered into an agreement with Rielt-Service to finance the 14-storey building. According to the document, the department acted as the customer, drawing up a land lease agreement and a building permit. The firm of Andrey Kiselev and Sergey Boyartsev was listed in the contract as the developer. This meant that the society would be engaged in resettlement from the site and raising funds for work. After putting the house into operation, the city was supposed to receive 12% of the total area of ​​the constructed housing. In fact, the agreement on shared construction of the facility was to expire in 2006.

Then the Duma of Samara, within the framework of the charter of the city, determined the powers of the DGS. The functions of the customer for the construction and resettlement of citizens were excluded from them. In addition, the company’s ability to act as a developer under the contract is also questionable. According to the law, this obligation is granted to a legal entity only if it has the right to use the land plot. The company initially did not have one. Only in 2007 was Realt-Service engaged in resettlement of dilapidated houses on the site. Responsible for this in the company was the head of the company’s sales department Svetlana Rzyanina, who at that time also worked as a private realtor.

Subsequently, she claimed that the applied resettlement scheme was developed by Andrey Kiselev. The mechanism consisted in the fact that contracts were concluded with citizens for the provision of monetary compensations for the demolition of residential buildings and household buildings for a larger amount than in reality. At the same time, since “Realt-Service” could not act as either a customer or a developer for the object, he could not perform these actions. So, the amount of compensation for the demolition of a part of an unauthorized house on the street. Penzenskaya, 152, according to the company’s documentation, was equal to 6.2 million rubles. The agreement of resettlement from two more unauthorized buildings on the street. Tverskoy, 150, and Penza, 142, the company allegedly provided the owners at a price of 8 million rubles.

In 2010, “Realt-Service” presented to the Department of Urban Development a list of expenses that the company spent on resettlement. Officials had to compensate them. According to one act of DGS, it was proposed to pay 44 million rubles to the LLC, according to another – 24.219 million rubles. In November 2010, the documents were signed by the then head of the department, Sergei Rubakov. Instead, we signed protocols with the company on the repayment of mutual debts, which turned Realt-Service into a financial investor worth more than 68 million rubles.

As it turned out, the owner of Realt-Service LLC Sergey Boyartsev wants to receive more than 80 million rubles from the Samara city planning department as compensation for the resettlement of citizens from the construction site within the boundaries of Karl Marx Ave., st. Dacha, Tukhachevsky and Kiev. It was only in the framework of the criminal case against the ex-director of “Realt-Service” Andrey Kiselev that it was established that the transactions to resettle citizens were carried out in violation of the law. But Boyartsev himself is apparently not embarrassed by this.

Here is a small excerpt from an article published in the newspaper “Samara Review”:

Director of special projects of Samara Bureau LLC (the company that was planned to be involved in the audit of Realt-Service’s documentation on resettlement in 2014) Dmitry Kenaf explained that the victims of the company’s actions would be department. “The originals of the documents were in the Samara Bureau. Then the originals were seized during investigations. Only our organization, in fact, today has a digital archive, which is evidence of a crime. I consider it necessary to bring these data to the attention of the courts and authorities in order to prevent loss of budget funds. In 2014, Sergei Boyartsev, in the framework of the criminal process against Kiselev, insisted that the resettlement was carried out illegally. But now they seem to have forgotten about this and are making claims for reimbursement of expenses to the DGS. Sergey Rubakov signed acts in 2010… At that time, he had just taken office, and his activity of accepting expenses from the company could be qualified as negligence. Otherwise, it turns out that “Realt-Service” itself suffered from the department and may be recognized as a defrauded shareholder. And this is not true, ”he summed up.”

In fact, the current actions of “Realt-Service” can punch such a good hole in the municipal budget. And it is all the more strange that Boyartsev in his actions relies on schemes that previously formed the basis of a criminal case against his former partner.

I don’t even know what is going on in the head of Sergei Boyartsev, who is frankly told that his actions smell like criminality, but he, like an elephant, continues to go to the break. True, there is a trap for every elephant, and the defendant Sergei Rubakov, who was considered practically invulnerable, is more proof of that.

If the empire of Sergei Boyartsev collapses, then I personally do not mind. How many more empires … But the fitness club will be a pity, although this is a topic for a separate article.


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