How athletes fall prey to tow trucks

Any mass city event becomes a “forage base” for evacuators. And the larger the holiday, the more “victims” from motorists. A recent example is the Samara Marathon, which took place last Sunday.

At the entrance to the lair, the “predators” watch for their prey. And then a cheerful evacuator captures another victim with its tentacles, paralyzes and drags into the hole. At this moment, I feel sad, like at a funeral. I feel sorrow and sympathy at the sight of an evacuator robbery. Because I was “there” and I was also evacuated. I know how painful it will be for those who return to their cars. Especially those who just now felt like a winner! After running 10 km, 21 km, or even all 42 km, climbing the stairs of pl. Glory, carrying a child tired of the festivities on his shoulders, and did not find his car.

What could be worse than this situation? And who is to blame?

Of course, the driver himself is to blame, who parked the car in the wrong place. But where else to leave the car, if the floor of the city is closed and there are prohibition signs? By the way, this happens almost every weekend. And there are no free parking spaces. The runners came to the marathon, many of them with their families! They changed their clothes, left their personal belongings in the car. Where to go? Where can you park your car? That’s right, somewhere …

When people have a choice – to park correctly or incorrectly, they choose “wrong” and they are punished. In my opinion, this is true.

But if they are not given a choice, punishment is perceived as a mean trap. In this case, I’m talking about a specific place: through passage (parallel to Yarmorchnaya street) between st. Samara and st. Galaktionovskaya. The sidewalk of this passage is no different from the carriageway, and many drivers park their cars there. Especially if they park in a hurry. And then a tow truck arrives. Last year, my car was also taken away, and I stood in the rain while waiting for a taxi, freezing in the cold wind. This time I did smarter and parked a few blocks away. But while going down to the embankment, I watched as a train of evacuators took away the cars.

By the way, this is not only my opinion. One of the city officials agreed with him, who, having heard that the tow trucks were carrying away cars in batches, including the marathon participants, called them short and succinctly – “jackals”. Well, how else? It is clear that the rules must be observed, but agreeing on something with the evacuation service is an extremely difficult task. After all, no one wants to waste their profits. There is only one way out – it is necessary to act through the traffic police management and nothing else.

In a conversation with the co-author of this site, Ilya Krugov, a solution to the problem appeared: how not to darken the holiday for participants in marathons, races and other sports events. For example, during the period of such events, cancel the effect of signs on a certain area. Or, for example, for those who registered for the race, issue a sticker-sticker with permission to park in unauthorized places. Perhaps in this case there will be fewer people willing to park on the sidewalk. And there are more happy people.


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