First year – normal flight

When my son was one year old, he did not know how much – to walk, smile, pull his little hands to me. But for me, every new skill he acquired was a great happiness. Although from the outside, it seemed that everything that happens to the child is so natural …

Today our site sportssmi is exactly one year old. This is a small media resource about sports that we started with a small company of four people. At first there was an idea – why not create an unusual informational website about sports? We liked the concept of the Parimatch blog, where readers can get useful information from articles, such as this one – Where there is no tape clogged with releases, where is there a place for those events that the top Samara media rarely care about? And we did. And now I look at the site as I once looked at my one-year-old son …

I do not want to overdo it with the lyrics, describe the emotional component of work, difficulty, victory, etc. I treat work without unnecessary pathos. But here is the subjective top-10 successes of sportssmi, I consider it necessary to lay out here. So …

  1. Thanks to the efforts of the director and founder of the site, Ilya Krugovoy, rather quickly (it seems, just a couple of months after registration), we managed to get registration with Roskomnadzor. We have received the status of a media outlet, which, although it imposes certain restrictions, at the same time, opens many doors. For example, thanks to this, I was able to obtain accreditation for the annual press conference of President Vladimir Putin. Actually, this is point 2 of my TOP.
  2. Many media outlets are trying to attend a press conference with the president. But the regional quota is limited, so it was a great honor to be among those who were invited to this high-profile event.
  3. One of the topics I’m proud of is helping organize a gym for autistic children. Thanks to the publication, the local department of the ONF drew attention to the problem, and it was possible to find premises for classes. True, this is not the end of the story, as they say, and there are problems. But they can be solved.
  4. One of the most cited news was the news of the problems with the ice arena in Novokuibyshevsk. Oh, how many letters were sent to our editorial office back then … It would seem that they just dragged the problem into the public plane. But some reproached us for this. Different authorities blamed each other. I am sure that if they had just as actively tackled the problem, the sports complex would have been completed on time.
  5. Hundreds of comments and reposts were collected by a series of publications about attempts to monopolize kickboxing in Samara. The “passions of the federations” because of which children-athletes suffer do not subside until now.
  6. Despite the fact that sportssmi is a young media outlet with a small permanent audience, we managed to go through seven circles of administrative hell and receive accreditation from FIFA for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  7. Trips outside the borders of the Samara region in search of informative reasons – by invitation and on their own initiative. The result of the last trip was a series of publications by Ilya Krugovoy about sports Thailand and the famous camp of Sergei Badyuk.
  8. A large series of publications dedicated to the Samara football team Krylya Sovetov. I mean not just banal post-releases from matches, but reports from the base, interviews with players and a detailed analysis of conflict situations.
  9. I cannot but mention the exclusive section “Lifestyle”, where our readers tell – without any advertising – how they managed to build the body of their dreams.
  10. We gave the opportunity to speak out in the media and defend their point of view not only for “promoted” athletes. But also the most common, who are just beginning their journey. It is so important for them to be heard.

There are many achievements and victories ahead. If 2017 was the starting year for sportssmi, now is the time to gain momentum and grow.

Happy birthday!


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