Unexpected results of the expected match

I brought bad news to you, skeptics, who asserted that Samara Arena would not be opened at all or would be opened very late.

Our stadium, according to Vitaly Mutko, “… the second in beauty and convenience after the Moscow …”. Moreover, there are no more tickets left for the match against Kuban, which will be played on May 6. But there are no restrictions for the second match, so all tickets are on sale.

Surely everyone has already written about the opening. By the way, it’s not difficult for me either, but why write about the same thing a hundred times? I, in fact, will go through the match and some near-match moments. So, according to the protocol, 14017 spectators were present at the game. Here, of course, numerous representatives of the writing and filming fraternity, many VIP guests and volunteers have not been counted. However, now we are not talking about them, but about the eternal. About football, therefore.

And it all began for us not to say that it was cloudless: the first goal, although recorded at the expense of a graduate of the Togliatti Football Academy named after Konoplev, ex-player of the youth team of the Russian national team and Moscow Dynamo, Maxim Kuzmin, but Maxim plays for Torch “. And I must say that it plays very well, as well as the rest of the Voronezh squad. In the first half, the Torch players often outplayed our players, forced them to make mistakes, and the result of one of the mistakes was just the first goal at a brand new stadium, still smelling sharply of construction and high hopes. Experienced Dmitry Yatchenko in a harmless situation makes an incomprehensible lateral pass, which was picked up by the players of Voronezh. Zotov, of course, tried to insure Kulik, but Kuzmin ran away from both of them and kicked the ball into the near corner with a spectacular kick. Evgeny Konyukhov to guess the right direction

lazy blow, moreover, reached out to him with his fingertips, but this was not enough. And the “Torch” continued to crush the “Wings”. But do not think that the people of Samara did not answer – they answered, and how! Alternately Chochiev, Sobolev and Kornilenko beat Artyom Fedorov over and over again. But each time the goalkeeper worked wonders, pulling out a seemingly hopeless ball, then let the eye of our performers, but the first half was left for Voronezh in a row, but not always in a game.

During the break, the media attacked Vitaly Mutko and Dmitry Azarov, and Tikhonov, it seems, informed the players that Yenisei had lost their game and Wings of the Soviets could take a clear second place. And for this it is enough to do the smallest thing – to score one goal more than the opponent. The guys performed this minimum program with a bang, but not without nerves. Whoever did not hit the goal: Zotov, and Kulik, and Kornilenko, and Sobolev, and Aliev. But if the latter failed to score (by the way, Andrei Valerievich, you have a striker in your team, who came out in almost all games in the starting lineup, and scored only four goals, and the last one as much as a month and a half ago), then Kornilenko and especially Sobolev frolicked with might and main. First, Burlak made a royal discount to Alexander from the second floor, after the corner one served by Chochiev. All Sasha had to do was not miss, and he can do that. And after two and a half minutes Sobolev, breaking through to the gates of the “Torch”, forced Mustafin to throw himself at his feet. But at that moment, Alexander no longer had the ball, but he had a tackle. Sasha prudently did not tempt fate and calmly fell on the lawn. Now tell me, football experts, how is a slip in the penalty area punishable by a player who does not have the ball? That’s the same. I would also be outraged why Mustafin was not given a yellow card for a gross violation. But the fact is the fact – the penalty was awarded, and the staff performer, Yatchenko, was replaced by Miyailovich.

A short digression: the best scorer of Krylia Sovetov in the Russian period at the moment is Andrey Karjaka, he has 56 goals for the team. Sergei Kornilenko had exactly fifty goals scored until that day. In fact, just before the game Karyaka handed him a T-shirt with the number “50”. I don’t know if Andrei Konstantinovich asked Sergei Alexandrovich to surpass his record as quickly as possible, but now Karjaku and Kornilenko are separated by only five goals. And given that the remaining three games of the current season, “Wings” will play with not the strongest, frankly, teams, Kornilenko has every chance to acquire another pleasant title besides the “legend of the Wings”.

Yes, and so: in the absence of Yatchenko, both Chochiev and Miyaylovich could have punched, but Kornilenko played. You know, when Sergei hits a penalty kick, the main task of the opponent’s goalkeeper is to survive. For the blow is usually so strong that trying to parry it can only be seriously risking a fracture of the limbs. A joke.

2: 1 and the home team continue to dominate the field. Fakel’s coach Pyvin makes one change after another, but his efforts have not been crowned with success. But what a magnificent moment the same Sobolev gave at 78 minutes! At first, Zotov, in his own style, twisting two Fakel players, gave a pass to Kornilenko, whose kick was parried by Fedorov, leaving the goal a little too far, then the ball hit Sobolev. And he, with his back to the goal, hits with the heel between the defender’s legs and the ball flew into the goal! It is a pity that Molodtsov took him out of the ribbon. Wouldn’t hurt a third ball, wouldn’t hurt …

And then, in turn, Kornilenko and Zotov missed from the kill position, but before the final whistle, Anton Bober entered the field. Even if only for two minutes, but it was Anton’s three hundredth match for “KS”. Do you have any idea what it is – three hundred games for one team? Few of all the footballers playing in Russia can say that they have stepped beyond this line. Beaver can now.

And a fan was right a thousand times when he said that “… those who came to football for the first time today will definitely want to return to the stadium. And this is the main result of the match. ”

So, Wings have only three games left in order not to miss the second place. Let me remind you that on May 2 they will play in Volgograd with Rotor and also at the new stadium, on May 6 the second match at Samara Arena with Kuban and the final game of the season for us will be a duel in Vladivostok with the Luch-Energia team. Theoretically, we can reach the Premier League from the first place, because Orenburg, which is going first today, will face the hardest matches with Siberia, Avangard and Tambov, with the last two away games. It will not be any easier for Yenisei: those games with Volgar and Dynamo St. Petersburg at home and a guest trip to Yaroslavl, to Shinnik. But most of all, Andrei Tikhonov is not worried about the graphics of the competitors’ games, but the state of affairs in his team. And the situation, to be honest, is so-so – eight (!) Players have three yellow cards each. Thus, every yellow card for Yatchenko, Konyukhov, Hajibekov, Klenkin, Taranov, Nadson, Miyaylovich and Zotov may turn out to be a barrier that closes the gate for the next game. And now every game is worth its weight in gold. FNL gold … But we are optimists!


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