Krylya Sovetov – Nizhny Novgorod: steam went to the whistle

Nizhny Novgorod is a team lacking stars from the sky. After the collapse of the Lokomotiv football club, Nizhny decided that it was somehow indecent for a city with a population of over one million without its own team, so in 2015, on the basis of the Volga-Olimpiets team, they organized this project. Subsequently, the word “Volga” disappeared from the name, and in 2018 the club was completely renamed “Nizhny Novgorod”. Not to say that with the renaming of matches, more people began to attend, but the club always gathered its 6-7 thousand spectators.

In Samara, however, only three dozen fans got to watch the game. And it was not entirely pleasant for them to be in the Samara Arena bowl for the first forty minutes, because the advantage of the Wings was overwhelming. Judge for yourself: in the first ten minutes, Rabiu and Sheydayev and Tkachuk were also beating dangerously on goal, but the goalkeeper of the Anisims’ guests that evening was on top in every sense. I managed to take both the upper and lower punches. At the twelfth minute, after filing from the corner of the penalty area, the ball touched the hand of the Nizhny Novgorod player, but referee Sergei Karasev left this episode unattended. Karasev supposedly foresaw that this was only the beginning of interesting moments and, in general, was not mistaken. Anisimov parried the shots on target of Zinkovskiy and Anton, but Rokhel missed the head nod. Barbell! And that was only played for the first twenty minutes of the game. Looking ahead, we note that the Samara team created eleven (!) Scoring chances – just in terms of the number of players in the team.

It is all the more offensive to realize that by the end of the first forty-five minutes, not a single moment had been converted into a goal. In the forty-first minute of the game, the referee sent off the coach of Nizhny Novgorod, Dmitry Cheryshev, because he, wrapping his arms around Vitaly Denisov, prevented him from putting the ball into the game from behind the side. And already in time added to the first half, Nizhny Novgorod got the right to a penalty kick. It was Tkachuk who got too carried away by the defense and hit the legs of the ex-player of “Krylia” Salugin and it was a one hundred percent violation of the rules. Daniil Fomin shot Ryzhikov flawlessly, without waiting for Karasev’s whistle, which is why the latter asked for a penalty. However, the second time Fomin was also accurate. Amazing composure. Which was just not enough for Paulo-Viorel Anton during the penalty kick too, but against Nizhny Novgorod at the beginning of the second half.

And it was like this: in the fiftieth minute, Sheydaev powerfully shot on goal, Anisimov hit the ball at his defender Goglichidze, from that the ball flew back towards the goal and only on Sapet’s ribbon he still defused the situation, knocking the ball out to hell. Actually, at this dangerous moment, it would seem, was exhausted. Wings struck another free kick, Nizhny Novgorod out of habit fought back as best they could. Anisimov reflected blow after blow, and here suddenly Karasev went to watch the VAR. After the first game, the coach of Nizhny Novgorod, Dmitry Cheryshev, lamented the non-use of the video replay system. Well, his complaints were heard. After a rather long wait, Karasev points to the point. Anton went to execute the penalty. However, the ball that evening did not go on target either from the game or from the penalty spot. Anton shot past.

After an unbeaten penalty, the guests finally managed to carry out a couple of attacks, which, however, did not end with anything. The remaining time before the final whistle, Krylya was actively striving for the opponent’s penalty area, Nizhny Novgorod was no less active in breaking the rules, the stands were actively rooting for both. But, as in the old joke, “all the steam went into the whistle.” The score has not changed, although Nizhny Novgorod won the match, but on aggregate did not make it to the RPL. Wings of the Soviets, however, having created a good groundwork in the first game, were limited to this. The winners are not judged, but the residue from the game remains. And, as they say, there are more questions than answers.


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