Revelation: from the development of the body to the development of the soul

Walking in the park on this warm, bright and sunny day, enjoying the green colors of the world around me, I suddenly had an inspiration. For a moment, literally dumbfounded from such a feeling, I suddenly understood and formulated perfectly clearly the answer to the same question that had tormented me for several years in a row: the most acute of all, the most painful, which did not give rest day or night. A constant feeling of some kind of emptiness inside. I could not understand in any way: WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME ???

Over time, this feeling only began to intensify.  It all began with that very grandiose victory at the largest international tournament Mr. Universe in 2014. It was the dream of my whole life.  It all started from the age of 16, when all my strength, thoughts and all my potential were directed towards this goal. To become a great bodybuilder, to get the title of my idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After many years of hard work and very great sacrifices in my life, I achieved what I wanted. So the goal was achieved! So, what is next? I asked myself and my environment. I answered without hesitation that I would move on, but something appeared inside. A very vague incomprehensible feeling that began to grow! Just like in the movie “Alien”, but not so fast. Later I began to feel it more strongly, pain appeared.

And I have found a very accurate name for this feeling. It was EMPTY …  At first, a small hole inside, completely invisible in the usual daily bustle, until it began to grow and expand. Black hole …  When I started to feel it more and more, I started to get lost! Not understanding what to do with this, I tried to load myself with loads in the gym, set new goals and plowed like a damn thing. But the harder I continued training, the more the emptiness inside became …

“A black hole is a region of space-time, the gravitational attraction of which is so great that even objects moving at the speed of light, including quanta of light itself, cannot leave it. The boundary of this area is called the event horizon, and its characteristic size is called the gravitational radius. Wikipedia. ”

The joy of life and happiness, disappeared somewhere, I felt it very strongly. Because of this, a strong protest arose in the form of aggression against the whole world and against myself, including the feeling of my own complete powerlessness, since I could not find an answer, where does this emptiness come from and why can I not shut it up with anything? !!!  And today, walking in the park, being in a wonderful mood, I got an inspiration!

His soul, body and mind walked amicably and merrily along the long path. Paths the length of a human life, full of incredible adventures and events! But after a while, the mind takes over the initiative, appoints itself as the main one in the team of its faithful friends and leads them where it seems most interesting to it. On the way, Mind tells breathtaking incredible stories about different heroes, which he learned about while following from passers-by, how they achieved their grandiose success. The body listened to these stories with an open mouth and accelerated under the influence of such vivid motivation and anticipation of the same success, and the soul began to lag behind …
At some point, they completely forgot about their friend, and left, leaving him somewhere there, behind …

What formed between them? That’s right! Space. Emptiness. And the further they went, the stronger the gap was formed between them, that is, between the soul and the body. The mind reveled in its power and was very proud of how cool it chose the path to success and brought the body there! But the Body began to feel the absence of its faithful Friend (soul) and suddenly began to sob with all its throat, thereby causing severe discomfort to the mind, which all the more did not understand what was the matter, completely forgetting about the soul, during their long climb up to success.

This is the story.


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