Neither the cosmonaut nor the former KVNschik helped “Wings”

There is no point in talking about yesterday’s 1: 2 loss of Krylia Sovetov in the match against Spartak. All this looks like some kind of swing, where a step forward and five back. As with a series of four losses, followed by one winning match and again “retreating” in a lost game to Muscovites. Lost, what is most offensive, in the first minute of added time. As if “Spartacus” were just waiting for this moment. That the enemy is about to relax, already hoping for a draw – and it would have happened – and immediately retribution comes.

What the head coach of Spartak Oleg Kononov and the head coach of the Samara club Miodrag Bozovic told the press, the video will tell better than me.

Full post-match press conference recording

There is only one interesting thing. How could Krylia spend almost all three quarters of 90 minutes at their goal and what prevented them from playing an aggressive game against Spartak? Maybe excessive scrupulousness in relation to the guests of the capital? Or maybe your own insecurity. But most of all it is interesting how the goalkeeper of Krylia Sovetov “Ryzhikov managed not to bring the matter to five or more goals against us already in the first half. You can see for yourself this short cut of the most dangerous moments, when our gate was bombarded with almost bursts.

But now I’m not talking about football, but about some more mundane things that may have also played a role not in favor of the Samara team. And if it may seem far-fetched to someone, then for some reason I don’t. It didn’t help us (or them?) That almost 33 thousand spectators came to the game. And this is a very good indicator. So there was interest and hope for winning. Probably, he was also at the ex-KVN manager Dima Kolchin, and more recently the adviser to the Samara governor Dmitry Azarov, who suddenly showed up in the press center. Probably, our cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko also had it. And he certainly was with Governor Dmitry Azarov, who personally went out to congratulate our top scorer, young Alexander Sobolev, on the fact that he was recognized as the best player in July by the results of a vote held by the Russian Premier League.

Dziuba was envious. And at the presentation there was an incident when one of the statuettes that Sobolev was holding in his hands turned out to be “smelly,” or rather, with a marriage. And just fell off the base and fell onto the lawn. Maybe at that moment something inside Sobolev himself fell and he ran across the field, constantly thinking about this damned statuette. Or maybe not so much about the statuette, but about the fact that in this way he was shown how much he was “valued and appreciated” by handing inappropriate junk. Yes, that’s junk! For some, this is a trifle, but for someone, such seemingly trifles can have a rather strong meaning. Sign if you like. And all the local media shyly or “at the request” kept silent about this incident.

I only know that Krylia has a game ahead with an incomprehensible rival in the person of Dynamo, all five meetings with which, except for the very first one – a draw with zero goals scored, since 2015, ended in some strange score – 1: 0 or 0: 1. And then there are many more games and it’s good if the club will manage not only to enter the top ten, but not to slide below the place where it is now. 13th place based on seven games. Also a sign in its own way. As well as the fact that for the journalists the organizers did not even bother to splurge on a bottle of water in the cooler, not to mention coffee or cookies …


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