Do what you like. Muay Thai only for the hardiest

So, on December 26, I ended up in one of the Sitsongpeenovg camps in Phuket, Thailand, founded by Australian businessman and promoter Tim Fisher.

It was the Russian actor Serey Badyuk who made his two camps widely known in Phuket, who actively promoted the camps ahead of the season on his personal page and on a specially created website. What does Badyuk have to do with the camp? Yes, actually, none. He just really provided an incredible promotion, and this is confirmed by the fact that at the end of December, not only ordinary fighters, but also those who already have a name in MMA and kickboxing, arrived at Camp No. 1 Sitsongpeenong.

For example, I found the world kickboxing champion Artyom Levin there and even recorded a short interview with him.

I, unfortunately, did not take seriously the words of Artem that it takes athletes about 10 days to acclimatize. It is with the athletes. And I arrived there impudently, unprepared. Not ready for tough realities and no less harsh climate – +35 in the shade.

In a few days, all my ailments began to creep out. To celebrate, I ate some local soup that can be used to light the brazier, I got poisoned with some kind of rubbish so that I had to call a doctor who did my stomach lavage, and then, pumping me with medications, ordered at least two days not to go out at all and try to eat only fish and rice or fruit. And finally, the salty ocean, coupled with humid tropical air, corroded my heels to the point that they were scary to look at. They had finger-width wounds. Local Thais were horrified and dragged me a bunch of creams and ointments, which at least helped, but not for long. I moved around Phuket like a lame horse. And from the first kicks on a pear stuffed with sand, my foot swelled up like a chicken thigh in the microwave. The adaptation was incredibly difficult. Especially against the background of the fact that I watched the funny correspondence of the guys in the group on WhatsApp, who was going to which restaurant. And he could not join them. And that was the hardest test. I only had the strength to go out to celebrate the New Year on the beach and watch the fireworks from my room on Christmas. I couldn’t do more.

Сергей Бадюк

By the way, literally on the second day of my arrival I had a chance to meet with Sergei Badyuk, to whom we came with the whole crowd. You know, although he is a noble figure, he did not make much of an impression on me. To be honest, I have a feeling that a person is simply using his image to earn money. But I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s just that for some he is a guru, but for me he turned out to be an ordinary showman. I could not help asking him an insidious question. For example, that he is compared with Sasha Nevsky. If anyone does not know, Nevsky stated somewhere that he was Mr. Olympia, that he was a champion in all kinds of sports, but he was quickly exposed. Badyuk took my question quite adequately.

Сергей Бадюк

“And what are the claims to Sasha? Well, the guy did something there. Made for myself, not for others. Even if he did not achieve the success he claims, he still achieved some heights. Someone believes him. Some don’t. The kid makes films. I don’t know how good they are, but if they give him money for this, then someone believes in him! Do what you like and it doesn’t matter what others think about it, ”Sergei Badyuk answered me.

This is where our conversations ended and Badyuk suggested starting breathing exercises, or, as he calls it, “qigong”. Probably, this also has its own benefit for those who believe, but for some reason it was funny to me. For from the outside we looked like crazy sectarians, raising our hands to the sky, trying to scoop up the energy from there, led only by Asians, but not by Russians. But, this is the whole Badyuk. And we practiced trying to bring what he calls energy to our kidneys and liver. Maybe someone succeeded.

And just after meeting with Baduk, the inexorable Thai climate overtook me. Me, a person for whom frost is the most beautiful thing in the world. The days in the camp passed like a fog. I went somewhere, talked to someone, but there was no question of any training. And when there was a day before my departure, I had a conversation with one of the camp participants Igor. This is what he told me that I will remember for a lifetime:

“You see, you got in, sorry for being rude, not quite where you want it. You have, as you said yourself, asthma. At the same time, you smoke like a steam locomotive and swell. There are mostly fans of their craft. What did you do before? Carrying iron in the gym? Dude, if you’re not lying and you really pulled out 125 kg from your chest, then in vain you gave up this business and tried to dive into another. I now weigh 95 kg and then somehow I pulled out a weave from my chest. But it’s just not mine. I have other tasks. And you, apparently, others. Do what you like. And then you will succeed. Here you go to the gym for five years and carry iron. And these guys are all 10 years or even more younger than you and they are already 10 years old, and some of them are threshing pears for 15 years. It’s a way of life. It’s a habit. This is an excerpt. Plus your age, and your sores. Where from them … I do not blame you. But you’ve come here now, it’s kind of … Well, it’s like taking a person off the street and launching him into space without preparation. That’s what happened to you. Do your thing. The rest is not torn. And then everything will be fine and without consequences. Bring iron, brother! ”

By the way, there were some adventures. True, with a good outcome. For example, the organizer of the camp Greg managed to clash with three at once, as he called them “narrow”. But everything ended well. Apart from the blanche under Greg’s eye and the wound on his forehead.

Encouraged a group member’s comment:

“Yes, the rest is Asian, it’s fun. Mopeds, fights, animals, police. Everything a Russian needs to have a good rest and return home with renewed vigor ”

I too had an adventure a few days after arrival. At the same time, I had to be significantly nervous after hearing enough “horrors” about the Thai police. It so happened that on the beach in the evening an Englishman got to the bottom of me, who saw me wearing a camp jersey. He began to pry and bully me. Like, “Dude, you’re cool, you’re in camp! You are doing Muay Thai. And try to hit me! ” I tried as best I could to get away from the conflict and just steal, but this fool, despite the presence of a wife who was indifferent to what was happening, caught up with me, grabbed my shoulder and started yelling so that I could hit him if I was so cool that I was wearing such a shirt. Well, I smacked him with all the dope cross neatly in the lower part of the jaw. The Englishman collapsed onto the sand. His wife ran to him. The owner of the beach restaurant, who saw it all happen, called the police. The policeman arrived just a minute and a half later. The Englishman had not even had time to get up from the sand by that time. I asked him something, asked the owner of the restaurant. Spoken to me in English. I mumbled something back. The policeman pointed at my shirt with a truncheon with a smile: “Muai-thay?” I answered: “Yes, ser. I live in sports camp “. He smiled again and told the Englishman that “Its your problem,” and then he slowly left. The myth of the brutal Thai police was debunked, and the Englishman then apologized and gave me a drink.

All the other days in the camp I lived on my own. The climate cut me down. I was cut down by local food, which I decided to taste for joy. I was knocked down by the ocean, in which, while swimming at night, I managed to step on a hedgehog, however, without any special consequences. Two weeks passed like two days.

I said goodbye to Igor. I said goodbye to Greg, who returned my money for training, because there was actually no training. And I left for Hua Hin. But I envy and admire these guys. They are really busy with their own business, from which they are fanatical and acquire something important for themselves. The main thing is that no one is left crippled, as is usually the case. Especially in such cruel conditions.


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