2 years. Move on?

Our site Sportssmi.ru is 2 years old. It was on this day that I received a media registration certificate and was full of bright hopes. I tried to find a format that no one else has and I succeeded. What does it mean? Almost nothing. Try to create your own media outlet without an editorial office, without an office, without forming a legal entity, without a budget in the end. Will you give me many examples? I think no. The main task of any media is to reach self-sufficiency. But when 1.5 people work in the editorial office, this, you see, is very difficult. And, nevertheless, despite our regional status, we were most noticed in the center. And even central publications like TASS, Regnum and Championship made direct hyperlinks to our texts. This is good, but not enough.

Last year was quite rich in sporting events, and the main one was the 2018 World Cup. The number of bets on this event just went through the roof. On the Parimatch website, a large number of players made bets on the victories of their favorite teams. I made every effort to obtain accreditation for the matches and I succeeded, despite the youth and the unknown of the resource. Our employees were twice accredited to the press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. What does this have to do with sports? In fact, none. This is just an indicator that we are disruptive people.

You know, lately I have a feeling that sport is in the field and not really anyone needs it. Well, they will build a couple of sports and recreation centers, they will conduct something like a “GTO getter” according to a pre-scheduled plan. And that’s all … What else? Already many municipalities refuse to build sports and recreation centers on their territory – there is nothing to support. Muscovites arrange “raider seizures” of regional federations. The example of the boxing federation, headed by the once respected person Vasily Shishov, was described by almost all the provincial media. They kicked in the ass with a knee: “Take a walk, Vasya!”.

I will not give an example with “Wings of the Soviets”, because there, at best, a team of FSB investigators will figure out where and on what billions of not only budgetary funds, but also sponsorship funds were spent. One way or another, but my instinct tells me that the sport will eventually find some kind of center. Something or someone to ask from. And the center flirts with the regions. With our publication – more than once. It was we who received an exclusive invitation to fight Alexander Emelianenko in Moscow, where I went. We were the ones who received an invitation to a closed conference on aikido with the legend of action fighters Steven Seagal. We were the ones who were repeatedly invited to significant sporting events like the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, and according to our letters, young Moscow journalists were easily accredited to international sporting events. It was analytical bookmaker agencies who came to us with orders, since NIO ONE media in Samara, according to the law on advertising, has no right to write about them. We have. We worked. This is already an indicator. The year has been pretty difficult. The beginning of the year is even more … But you can’t leave the child halfway. And for me this site is my child.

In the near future, our concept will change a lot. Biting, tough, and for some, sick materials will be waiting for you. I am ready for the fact that they will start to put forward claims to me. Forward! Pull as much as you want. But remember, or better memorize the legislation: when my official request remained unanswered and was ignored by you, I am free to interpret the situation as my mind tells me. And this year I promise an unprecedented explosion of materials related to both sports topics and the embezzlement of funds intended for sports.

This is not a promise. This is getting started.


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